Charlie Garnham
Charlie Garnham
Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Does this sound like you?

• I have a business already helping clients 1 on 1, but I want to make more money and impact more people’s lives through my fitness and wellbeing training

• I struggle to find new clients on Instagram because the algorithm is against me

• I wrack my brains every time I post trying to think of some good hashtags to use

• I post my workouts to show my expertise, hoping someone will want to work with me

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Hi, I’m Charlie…

I used to be an overweight and unfit couch potato until I found a really big reason WHY I should get up off the sofa and workout.

That was 2 years ago and I haven’t stopped since!

I have fully immersed myself into the health & fitness industry as a consumer and I have a fantastic Personal Trainer who is dedicated to helping me hit my goals in all aspects of my health.

 I know how it feels to be so good at what you do

I know how it feels to have a major passion for impacting people’s lives for the better

I know how it feels to help a client lose weight for their wedding day, or blast their baby weight


I also know how it feels to be ignored on Instagram

I know how it feels to put up an awesome, value-giving post and only get 14 likes on it

I know how it feels to rarely get any enquiries to work with you


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High Intensity Instagram Strategy Workout

will push your business to the next level.

In a 90 minute Zoom session, you will work 1-2-1 with me to clearly define:

  • Your goals for your business and Instagram

  • Your audience and how to find those target clients

  • Your content strategy including images, videos and copy for Instagram

  • Hashtag research so that you can beat the Instagram algorithm and start increasing your engagement

  • Caption optimisation including using buzz words, captivating first liners, line breaks and call to actions

  • Engagement hacks for faster Instagram growth (100% organic)

  • How to simplify the use of Instagram using tricks, tips and tools to help you concentrate on your clients rather than spend hours a day on Instagram

  • How to increase your engagement on stories


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You don’t want to miss this opportunity to grow your business…

I have been working online for 18 months and have managed many Instagram accounts plus I’ve tried and tested all the ways to grow accounts, organic and non-organic (so I know what NOT to teach you).

I will teach you so much of what I have learnt in 2 hours and how you can apply it to your business.


imagine if…

…you didn’t take this high impact workout with me: in 6 months time, you will still have a few hundred followers, a few 1-2-1 clients a week, and with the way Instagram is heading, it’s best to get on top of the algorithm NOW.

If I never got off the couch and worked out, I would still be size 14 and struggling to walk up hills.

picture this…

  • You are getting daily DMs with requests to work with you

  • You are working with enough ideal clients each month that your income is consistently where you want it to be

  • You are bringing in and retaining clients with ease without tearing your hair out

  • You are in love with your business and can work less hours because your Instagram does the hard work for you

  • You can sit back and start working ON your business using passive income techniques to grow

You owe it to yourself to get started now

Q & A

Who is this programme for?

This High Impact Instagram Strategy Workout is for personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, fitness/yoga/pilates instructors and anyone in the health and wellness industry in the UK looking to grow their Instagram and sky rocket their business by converting clients at a higher rate than they are now.

The reason I work in the health and wellness industry is that I personally have an immense passion for living a full and healthy lifestyle, with an in depth understanding of what made me get off that sofa and start working out, so I can really help you get into the mindset of your target audience.

Why do you qualify to teach me about Instagram?

With a 12 year career in marketing and my own successful offline business which uses Instagram to bring in new customers on a daily basis, I have positioned myself as an Instagram Strategist because I have spent years working on other people’s Instagram accounts, learning the algorithm and what not to do!

What happens once I apply to work with you?

Once you have applied, I will look over your application and if you qualify, I will send you a link to pay for your high impact workout and we will also book your 1-2-1 Zoom session in too.

What do I need to do once my Zoom session is scheduled?

-        Make sure Zoom is installed on your PC and I will send you a link to join

-        Be on time!

What happens if I need to reschedule?

Just send me an email to and we can reschedule.

What happens after the call?

I will send you all the notes, materials and your new Instagram Strategy via email and then it will be up to you to put it into place. I also have social media management services which are available to all my High Impact clients at 20% discounted rate ongoing.

Got more questions? Book a free 20 minute discovery call with me using the button below