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Does this sound like you?

• I have a business already helping clients 1 on 1, but I want to make more money and impact more people’s lives through my fitness and wellbeing training

• I struggle to find new clients on Instagram because the algorithm is against me

• I wrack my brains every time I post trying to think of some good hashtags to use

• I post my workouts to show my expertise, hoping someone will want to work with me

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Hi, I’m Charlie…

I used to be an overweight and unfit couch potato until I found a really big reason WHY I should get up off the sofa and workout.

That was 2 years ago and I haven’t stopped since!

I have fully immersed myself into the health & fitness industry as a consumer and I have a fantastic Personal Trainer who is dedicated to helping me hit my goals in all aspects of my health.


I know how it feels to be so good at what you do

I know how it feels to have a major passion for impacting people’s lives for the better

I know how it feels to help a client lose weight for their wedding day, or blast their baby weight


I also know how it feels to be ignored on Instagram

I know how it feels to put up an awesome, value-giving post and only get 14 likes on it

I know how it feels to rarely get any enquiries to work with you

Does this sound like you?

Good, because my

High Intensity Instagram Strategy Workout

will push your business to the next level.

In a 2 hour Zoom session, you will work 1-2-1 with me to clearly define:

  • Your goals for your business and Instagram

  • Your audience and how to find those target clients

  • Your content strategy including images, videos and copy for Instagram

  • Hashtag research so that you can beat the Instagram algorithm and start increasing your engagement

  • Caption optimisation including using buzz words, captivating first liners, line breaks and call to actions

  • Engagement hacks for faster Instagram growth (100% organic)

  • How to simplify the use of Instagram using tricks, tips and tools to help you concentrate on your clients rather than spend hours a day on Instagram

  • How to increase your engagement on stories

Get Started Now

High Impact Instagram Strategy Workout
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I'm In!

You don’t want to miss out on this offer!

I have been working online for 18 months and have managed many Instagram accounts plus I’ve tried and tested all the ways to grow accounts, organic and non-organic (so I know what NOT to teach you).

I will teach you so much of what I have learnt in 2 hours and how you can apply it to your business.

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Imagine if you didn’t take this high impact workout with me: in 6 months time, you will still have a few hundred followers, a few 1-2-1 clients a week, and with the way Instagram is heading, it’s best to get on top of the algorithm NOW.

If I never got off the couch and worked out, I would still be size 14 and struggling to walk up hills.

Imagine this…

  • You are getting daily DMs with requests to work with you

  • You are working with enough ideal clients each month that your income is consistently where you want it to be

  • You are bringing in and retaining clients with ease without tearing your hair out

  • You are in love with your business and can work less hours because your Instagram does the hard work for you

  • You can sit back and start working ON your business using passive income techniques to grow

You owe it to yourself to get started now

High Impact Instagram Strategy Workout
150.00 350.00
I'm In!

Once you have booked, you will be sent a link to book your 1-2-1 Zoom session with me at a convenient time

What you need to do:

-        Fill out the questionnaire I will send you

-        Make sure Zoom is installed on your PC and I will send you a link to join

-        See you there!


I’m so glad you are ready to get more high paying clients by joining me on this high impact Instagram strategy workout – remember this offer is only available until the end of August!

About me


I call myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur! I started my career in marketing 12 years ago and have had experience in all kinds of industries and types of businesses, from corporates to start ups to SMEs. I first became an entrepreneur 6 years ago when I noticed there was a gap in the market for social media training so I used to teach over 50 female business owners in the health and wellness industry how to use social media to grow their tribes. 

My most recent line of work was in the public sector - I am currently an International Digital Marketing Adviser for the Department for International Trade and my job is to travel all over the South West of England to meet with fabulous SMEs in the region to help them win more business overseas by digital means: social media, SEO and eCommerce. 

I also own another business, The Five Bells Inn, which is a quaint little thatched farmhouse in the middle of the Devon countryside offering gastro pub food and a wonderful 5 acre beer garden. My husband, James, runs the pub on a day to day basis but can you guess what I do for the business? That’s right, I’m the Marketing Director! 

It’s through my freelancing, my current role and my own business that my love for Instagram has grown - learning the ins and outs of the algorithm and finding out exactly what the target audience wants is what drives me. Besides, who wants to be on the unsexy Twitter and Facebook these days?!

I live and breathe marketing as well as the gym, Netflix, fabulous healthy food and when I haven’t been to the gym I can be sipping a G&T or two.