The 3 - 2 - 1 Method of Posting on Social Media

3, 2, 1.png

If you are always posting pushy sales posts and telling everyone to buy your stuff, then you will run the risk of people unfollowing you and never clicking buy.

If you are just posting about your lifestyle, what you are having for breakfast, what you are up to today, you will never get any sales because people won’t understand what you sell and will just get confused as to why your breakfast is on your feed.

So the 3 – 2 – 1 method is a balance of both worlds, and a strategy that is used by most online marketers who make 7 figure incomes.  It’s a tried and tested model and you are about to learn how to do it!


Your next 6 posts

For this exercise, we are going to have you think about your next 6 Instagram posts; who they are for and why content they should contain.

3 out of 6 posts

So 3 out of your next 6 posts should be all about YOU. What you are doing, where you are going, what you are working on today, what your life is about etc. These are lifestyle posts that get your target market interested in your life, and how you manage to live this way – for example going out for brunch with your Mum on a Wednesday morning, or picking the kids up from school every day because you aren’t tied to your desk 9 - 5.

This is called attraction marketing.  It means you are not pushing sales to your audience, you are attracting them to you.  You are giving them an indication of what life is like for an entrepreneur such as yourself. It’s helping them understand what you do in your business and how you do it. Most of all, it’s telling them that a regular person like them can become an entrepreneur like you.

However, make sure that the content you post is still relevant to your audience.  If they are following you because they want to learn about knitting their own hats, it’s probably not relevant to post about what you had for breakfast this morning.

I personally love healthy food and going to the gym, but if you look at my Instagram account, you will see NOTHING to do with food or working out on my account. So I am sharing my lifestyle, but only where relevant to my target audience.

Remember, the more niche you are in your social media posts, the more of the correct people will follow you.

lifestyle example.png

From these 3 photos above, one is about me taking some time out of work at 2pm on a Friday afternoon to take a train trip to the nearest town and walk along the coast. This is a lifestyle post that gets others interested in how I live my life!

2 out of 6 posts

Two of your next 6 posts should then be a little more geared towards your business; perhaps some behind the scenes photos of what you are working on, plus telling people to download your lead magnet, or freebie, or take an action that will bring them closer to you.

Here’s some examples of what a lead magnet or “freebie” is:

  • If you are a dietitian helping people with diabetes, you could create a free sugar-free dessert recipe book for your followers.

  • If you are a business coach, you can create a 5 day game changing business plan template.

  • If you are an author, you can give your potential readers a free sample.

Whatever you have for your audience, make sure you get their email address in return for the free guide – more about the rule of reciprocity soon.

The call to action in your post should be clear and concise. I usually say something like “if you want to learn how to step your hashtags to increase your engagement on Instagram, click the link in my bio here to get it for free.”

freebie post.png

One of the above posts was to invite people to join my free Facebook group, using the advice that most entrepreneurs will give - to never set up and run a business feeling isolated. This is a non-salesy post but inviting my followers to connect with me on a higher level than just following my Instagram account.

1 of your 6 posts

The very last post of your next 6 posts is your sales post. So this is where you ask your followers to buy from you. It can be a picture of your product, or simply just another image that fits in with your brand, but with a caption that sells whatever you are selling.  Remember to use a clear call to action, just like your lead magnet posts, otherwise people won’t know where to go to buy.

One of the below Instagram posts was a sales post. Can you take a guess at which one it was? See how I have hidden my sales in the guise of an inspirational post again.

So there you have it. Out of your next 6 Instagram posts, 3 will be about your lifestyle, 2 will be about your freebie and 1 will be a sales post. Just remember to mix them up so that the lifestyle posts don’t appear altogether, meaning that the more salesy posts don’t appear together also. Alternating them is the best course of action to follow the 3 - 2 - 1 rule.

Charlie Garnham