Should My Business Be On Instagram?

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Marketing used to move at a snail’s pace until the invention of social media and digital marketing. In the last 10 years, we have all experienced the unprecedented growth in the industry, causing a huge skills gap and meaning that literally every single business owner has needed to learn various disciplines of digital marketing to ensure the survival of their business.

When I think back to my Father’s business, a lorry body building firm in West Bromwich, I think how LinkedIn would’ve driven sales massively for him. Nearly gone are the days of cold calling and driving half way up the country for a sales meeting!

But, I digress; you want to know if you should create an Instagram account not hear me witter on about the huge changes that have happened in the marketing field in the last 10 years or even during the last 6 months!

Let’s take a look at the platform itself.

Instagram For Teens?

There are two very big reasons why business owners today consider Instagram the “young person’s” social media platform. One is that as parents were just catching onto the Facebook craze and creating accounts and wanting to see what their kids were up to, the teenagers migrated over to Instagram to avoid their parents’ prying eyes. Secondly, Snapchat has been quite a big influence on the teen market too, and Instagram incorporated “stories” into the platform, which was a much better version of Snapchat’s quick fire posts that lasted merely a few seconds.

But have the adults of this era caught onto Instagram now? Of course they have! Instagram being a heavily visual platform, has captured the attention of those in photography, travel, health and wellbeing and food, to name a few industries.

(Don’t worry if I haven’t mentioned your sector above; I’ll explain why Instagram is viable for ANY business later on.)

So let’s dive deep into my 2 biggest considerations that any business owner should make if they are trying to decide whether Instagram is right for them. (PS these apply to other social media platforms too!)

Consideration Number 1

Who is your target audience and are they hanging out on Instagram?

If you don’t know who you sell your stuff to, then I hope that you work it out soon because otherwise you won’t have a business for much longer! Probably the number one rule of marketing - know your target audience. Are they a 34 year old mother of 2 with a lawyer husband who picks the kids up from school every day, drinks gin and freelances as a VA? Do you know your target audience that well?

(Seriously if you don’t know who your personas are, I suggest you find 3 or 4 for your business asap, by emailing me at and asking me for my persona template to help you.)

So… are these people on Instagram? How can you find out? One way is to simply ask your current clients. Strike up a conversation and see if they use IG to post pics of their kids, or for their business. The next task for you to do is to take a look around on Instagram too. If you offer business coaching to women who sell thier crafts at local arts and crafts fairs, Google the fairs, find out who these people are, check out their website and see if they have Instagram accounts.

Consideration Number 2

Do you have time for yet another social media platform? 

Back in the days of huge social media growth, it was fashionable to be on every social platform that’s out there. But oh how times have changed in just the last 2 years! Now, my advice for everybody is this:

Pick one or two platforms that you know your potential clients are on and that you know you can dedicate time to the marketing. Ditch the other platforms.

By doing one or two platforms well, this provides quality over quantity for your audience, which will lead to much better engagement. So this includes showing up and being the face of your business because people buy from people, not a brand.

When I used to freelance social media management services 5 years ago, I used to find 10 articles online that were related to the client’s business and schedule them up to go out. But social media has shifted over from push (broadcasting sales messages) to pull (attraction) marketing.

So with these two big questions to ask yourself - is Instagram right for you and your business?

If you still can’t decide, schedule a discovery call with me and we’ll work it out together.