How to DM Your Target Clients

How to DM clients.png

Direct Messaging on Instagram is one of the most important things that you can do to help the algorithm understand that you are a real, authentic user who is using the app as intended - ie you are being social on a social media platform, hallelujah!

There’s many ways that you can start a conversation with your target audience, but most of the time, if you get it wrong, you won’t get a response. You may even get an unfollow if you have annoyed someone!

Here’s a few do’s and don’t to DMing your potential audience and building relationships.


  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day and relationship building should be considered as a long term goal rather than a short term win.  So the classic “Hey Girl, want to join my team/group?” Is not going to build any kind of know, like and trust factor with the people you message that way.  

  2. Don’t set up a bot to create automatic DMs for you when someone follows you. It’s very obvious when that happens because it’s a generic message and quite often the bot won’t use the merge tag on your name correctly so you end up being addressed in all sorts of different ways. Aside from it being bad for the user, it’s also bad practice for the algorithm, firstly because you are giving a third party app your password which is a big no no, and secondly you are sending a similar message to people you follow. 

  3. Don’t send links in your first message. Once you have got to know someone and have jumped to the invite stage, that’s when you can start throwing links in. 


  1. Treat a DM as a way to discover something about your target audience. Before you go to message them, take 30 seconds to read their bio, or their latest post and ask them a question about themselves. For example “Hey Charlie, thanks so much for following, I see you like cats too - my cat is currently on my lap not letting me work on my laptop haha. What does the day have in store for you? Now I guarantee 99.9% of you reading this won’t have a business that revolves around cats, but it’s an icebreaker and a way of connecting with the person on the same level. Then you can continue the conversation. 

  2. Message people who have voted on your polls on your stories and ask them why they voted that way. Let them know that you are working on new content and their answer would be really beneficial to you to help other women like them. 

  3. Turn a conversation into an invite by firstly agreeing with them and letting them know that you understand how they feel because you have been there before. Then tell them you have overcome this issue and that you can help them - then invite them onto a call, or ask them to look at a link etc.

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