How To Drive Traffic To Instagram Using Pinterest

How to drive traffic to IG using Pinterest.png

What’s that now? Pinterest? Why would I use my interior design ideas to drive traffic to my business Instagram account?

Well… let’s scrap the notion that Pinterest is for interior designers and food bloggers for a moment and break down the incredible traffic-driver that is Pinterest.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is classed in the social media bracket. But here’s a crazy notion – it’s actually a SEARCH ENGINE. Yup, it’s for searching, not making connections and having conversations like all the other platforms out there.

Here’s another crazy truth bomb… it doesn’t matter if your target market are using the platform or not. It’s time to scrap what you know about Pinterest’s demographics being 80% females who like to repin their perfect pillows.

So with this new information, let’s attack why Pinterest is great for driving traffic and why every online business owner should have a Pinterest account.

Driving Traffic

Whether it’s to your website, blog, funnel, landing page or MLM website, Pinterest is the mother of all search engines. Get your keywords and your pinning strategy right, and you could be soaring above your peers in website hits. You can see pins show up in Google search, but not many other social media platforms can do that. Twitter does sometimes, but you’re not going to write a tweet in 160 characters or less with all your keywords are you?

The lifespan of a pin is also a lot longer than a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram image. Your pin is still searchable years down the line and you can still generate website hits from that 2016 pin, but I doubt anyone can find your 2016 Facebook posts!

During the first 3 months of using a solid Pinterest strategy (that I learned from an absolute Goddess of a Pinterest guru, Rachel Ngom), I starting getting 1000 hits on my blog per month. Because I had only started out with my business 3 months prior to that, I was only getting 15 hits per month. So whilst 1000 isn’t a huge number, it IS a huge increase from 15.

Why Drive Traffic to Instagram?

With a solid Pinterest strategy, your pins will incorporate URLs to various landing pages and blogs that you create over time. You can link to anything that has a URL – You Tube videos, Facebook groups, and even your individual Instagram posts.

If you are fed up with your engagement on your IG posts, why not use Pinterest to drive people from the platform to your Instagram feed? More eyes on your content means more clicks, more reads, more leads and more clients. Simples.

How to Drive Traffic to Instagram

1)      Firstly, get the Chrome extension, or if you are using Tailwind (and I absolutely recommend that you do), you can schedule through that

2)      Open your Instagram account on a desktop computer (or something other than a mobile device)

3)      Click onto a photo that you want to share

4)      Click the pin icon and it’ll ask you which of your Pinterest boards to save it to

5)      The URL to your specific Instagram post will be used in your pin.

6)      Each time you post a picture to Instagram, post to Pinterest too and watch your traffic increase!

The next step

Although this is just one part to your Pinterest marketing strategy, it’s good to get going with all the other elements to Pinterest, especially the use of Tailwind. Tailwind is an independently designed platform, but as it’s an official partner with Pinterest, you know it’s safe to use. Tailwind helps you schedule pins, set up smart loops so that your best pins can be repined over the course of several months, and you can also join Tailwind Tribes. Tribes are a large network of other people in your niche that share and reshare your content as you do the same for them. It’s the main way to drive traffic, so I will write another blog post on this soon.

If you fancy trying Tailwind for a month for free, then here’s a gift to you as a reader of my blog!

In the mean time, if you are interested in finding out more about Pinterest and getting going with an awesome traffic-driving strategy, sign up for Rachel’s Masterclass: How To Double Your Leads And Sales In The Next 30 Days Using Pinterest. It’s free! You can register here.