7 Reasons Why You Need An Email List As Soon As You Start Your Business

(Or ASAP If You Have Already Started)

7 emaillist reasons.png

There are so many ways to do business online; you can sell through social media instantly these days by adding a store so what’s the point of the time, money and hassle of a website and an email marketing system.

I mean email marketing is what we did back in the 00’s before social media was a thing; why would we still be doing it today, in 2019?

Well here’s 7 damn good reasons why, if you haven’t already, you should get yourself an email marketing system and start writing emails to your customers.

1)      The Know, Like & Trust Factor

If you speak to anyone who was a marketing or sales manager in the 80s, they will tell you that it took 3 points of contact usually to make a sale, perhaps a phone call, a meeting and a follow up call. However these days, with all the times you can be put in front of someone on social media, email, calls, texts etc, some people reckon it can take up to 21 points of touch to convert a potential client.

Social media posts, whilst targeted to your audience, isn’t personal or one on one. But email is, or can certainly be written in such a way that the recipient thinks it is.

Email is a great way to nurture your audience; they get to know you and over time you can show them that you understand them – their pains, their frustrations, and you can help them. Nurturing also works not just in the service based businesses, but with product based ones too. It’s the classic psychology of “out of sight, out of mind”. So if you are not in front of them, they are not thinking of you. Email is just one more way to get in front of your target audience.

Also, because social media is so public and open, you may not feel that you can necessarily open your heart and be vulnerable. In email, you can.

2)      Drives Website Traffic

Although social media does the same thing, the fact that you are nurturing your contacts by seemingly one-to-one emails does in fact drive traffic to your website – it’s just another avenue.  I send a newsletter to my contacts every Monday and you can see from this chart that there are spikes in my website traffic during the 24 hour period that my email marketing systems is sending the emails out.

It alerts your contacts to new contacts, which can also be done via social media, but because you have to fight with the algorithms to get your content seen, with email you don’t. You just have to get a subject line so good that as many people as possible open the email.

Email marketing spikes.png

3)      Targeted Messaging

On social media, everyone can see it, and although you are trying to make sure that only your target audience follows you, there will be your mum, your family and your friend’s dog’s account following you too. Let’s face it, they don’t always want or need to know what your latest blog post is because they aren’t going to buy from you.

With email, especially with the creation of different lists, you can curate content based on how your contacts found you and send them content and offers based on this. For example, I had 3 sales funnels at one point, one with a free guide, one with a free webinar and one with a free start up training package.  Each autoresponder I sent was targeted to each list. You can also set up autoresponders like this for your business too; perhaps if someone brought a particular item from your shop, you can encourage them to buy it again 2 months later when they are likely to have finished using it.

4)      Higher ROI Than Other Marketing Tools

Due to points 1, 2 and 3 above, your return on investment is higher on emails – more people buy through email marketing than social media (although this depends on industry).  But let’s face it, if you spend $15 per month on the starter package on Get Response, you would only have to make one sale a month to get your return!

5)      New Age Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, it can take up to 21 nudges to get a potential client to convert, and only then if it’s at the right price at the right time. With social media, you don’t know who you are reaching, but at least with an email list you know your audience, you can track what they like and how they work, and you can hit them up as many times as you feel necessary to have them convert.

If you have ever joined one of my email lists by taking, let’s say because you downloaded my 5 Easy Steps to Improving Your Hashtag Strategy guide you will know that I email you nearly every day, once a day for 2 weeks.

Then you will start receiving my weekly newsletters. So with an average open rate of 20%, I’m reaching 1000 people a week at the moment. Of course that number grows as my list grows.

6)      You Own Your List

Social media is owned by those who own the platform – you don’t own or control the data collected on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s not yours to keep and if any of the platforms went down over night and were taken away from you, what kind of a business would you be left with?

If you have your own website, with domain etc, and your own email list, you actually own and control that data, it’s yours to keep as long as you comply with the data regulations of your contact’s country.

7)      Verified Identity

Some email marketing systems offer a double opt in, which means that if a user enters their email on your sales funnel or website, they then get an email from you saying you would like the user to confirm their email address as correct and that you want to join the data list. This means that you know these people on your list are real people who want the information that you are providing, not some spammy accounts that don’t help your business in any way.

Charlie Garnham