6 Lead Magnet Ideas That Will Have Your Potential Clients Clamouring To Give You Their Email

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Lead magnets, or freebies, are undoubtedly the single biggest way to engage your potential clients in your business. They create intrigue – you can give away a small amount of your knowledge for free in exchange for an email address. Once you have provided them with that information, you are then gaining the ever important know, like and trust factor before they buy from you.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of information that your potential clients want that you can give away for free in return for their email address. The idea is that once you receive their email address, they can be nurtured by your emails and a percentage of these people will convert to any number of your products or services.

But before we begin on our 6 ideas, here’s a few pointers to think about

1)     Make sure your lead magnet is solving a problem that your clients have, so they are attracted to you enough to give your email address

2)     You should understand what the lead magnet is going to bring to your client, or how they will feel or benefit from reading/using it

3)     Chose the best way to deliver that lead magnet according to what you have to offer and what medium your clients would like to receive the freebie as


So here are 6 different types of lead magnets that you could chose from

1)     PDF guide, checklist or cheat sheet

Easily created on Canva if you are not good at design work, you can create a pdf sheet to download which comes in the form of a guide, training, how to, checklist or cheat sheet. For example, my lead magnet is a PDF guide – 5 easy ways to improve your hashtag strategy on Instagram. My potential clients struggle to increase their Instagram engagement and understand how hashtags work, so I have created a free guide to enable them to understand hashtags better and do the research to enable their accounts to grow.

2)     Quiz

This is a really good tool for engaging – if you call the quiz a question that your potential clients really want to know about themselves, their business or how they are getting on with everything, then this can really drive a lot of traffic to your sales funnel.

Check out Try Interactive to get an understanding of the types of quizzes you can create – you can edit any of their templates or start from scratch.

Imagine if you are a life coach and you created a quiz about finding out what type of anxiety do you have, then you can direct people to different pieces of content after collecting their emails. At the end of the content, you can offer them a free 20 min coaching session.

3)     Video training guide or webinar

Just like the guide from point 1, if you know that your potential clients are struggling with something, you can create a free video training on that subject. But don’t give too much away as you will want to keep some of your best kept secrets for your paid-for offer.

For example, let’s say you are a Facebook Advertising guru, you could do a 40 min free webinar on how to start Facebook Ads, but lead them to an offer for your paid for course at the end.

4)     eBook or sample of your book

An eBook is more a story than a guide, so you can use this if you are looking to create a connection between people who want to become just like you. Lots of digital nomads use this to help people in 9 to 5 jobs understand how to quit their jobs, travel the world and work online.

If you are an author, you can provide a sample of your latest book so that people can read it to see if they want to buy. Of course, this can happen on Amazon too, but if you have an e-reader version of your book, or the physical copy to buy, you can charge the same as Amazon does for your book but sell through your website so that you aren’t paying your commission.

5)     Challenge

Challenges are a very good way of driving engagement in your business and creating that all important know, like and trust factor. Usually challenges take place in a Facebook group, so the lead magnet is all about getting people to join your group to take place with the challenge. At the end of the challenge (usually 5 days, Monday to Friday), you will have a) improved something for your members, whatever the challenge may be and b) increased your email list size and c) be in a position to sell people your next upgrade.

6)     Coupon Code

This one is for those of you who have a product to sell but can be used for service-based businesses too. You can offer a voucher or coupon code for % off your products, or save $10 when you spend $40.  That way, you can gain their email address and put them on your newsletter list for future offers, product launches or just general emails, so it’s a great list builder, plus you benefit from that extra sale. You can even make the client feel really good by telling that they are one of only 100 to receive the coupon or something similar.

The goals of the lead magnet

-        Give your potential clients a quick win

-        Give them simple and easy to digest information that won’t confuse or worry them

-        Wow them into thinking that you are the person they should work with

-        Gain their email address to warm them up for future sales

-        Gain the know, like and trust factor

How to create an opt-in that converts

Your opt-in page is the most important part of the lead magnet. Although you have spent a lot of time deciding how to solve your potential client’s problems and creating a beautiful freebie for them, the way in which you sell the offer is more important, otherwise you won’t get many emails on your list.

The biggest point that I can make is don’t get Google Slapped! What’s this? Where your offer and marketing are so explicit in what your freebie is, that people just open another tab and Google what you are offering and find the info for free. You need to create intrigue and show your USP (Unique Selling Point) to help your clients understand why they should opt for your freebie.

The best opt-in pages are the simple ones!

Here are some brilliant examples of optins that have made me put my email address in.

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jade opt in.png