Are you ready to go ALL IN?

Charlie Garnham Instagram Expert

Hey, remember me?!

I’m Charlie and I have a little bit of an Instagram addiction!

So whilst you are considering the ALL IN package with Summit Affiliate, which is just immensely awesome by the way, I just wanted to check in with you to let you know about MY bonuses if you join this amazing community.

So you’ve done the Social Media Blueprint, you have spoken to your coach on several occasions and you have joined the Summit Insiders Facebook group (and maybe my group too!).

You’re all fired up, ready to hit the ground running and change your life for the better.

You are ready to start earning, quit your job and stay at home with your family. Maybe even retire both you and your husband one day.

Then it’s crunch time.

You're shown exactly what you have to do to achieve all your goals. And suddenly FUD takes control.... you know, those pesky emotions: Fear, uncertainty, doubt.

You start to question whether you'll really be able to do this. All the what if's and worst case scenarios circle around your head. You tell yourself you don't really have time to work on this anyway.

You tell yourself you don't have the money to buy the products you know you need to succeed and that you can do it on your own.

Well I used to be exactly like you. I spent 10 years in marketing, the last 6 years in digital marketing; focusing on social media and email marketing as my expertise.

I knew how to set up Instagram accounts, get followers, produce lovely content and email clients with autoresponders, I’d been doing this for years.

But I learned some new things in the Social Media Blueprint when I went through it myself. And I thought “if I learned new things in a low ticket product, then there must be more to learn by going ALL IN.”

And there was. Remember my hashtag stepping guide I gave you for free? I learned that concept inside the Summit Affiliate training course on how to grow on Instagram. I’d never heard of it before.

So although I know a lot, I still learned so much more in Summit Affiliate than I ever did by being a marketing professional in a 9 to 5 job. And I’m STILL learning!

So here’s what I’m going to do; I’m going to give you my one-on-one expertise if you go ALL IN.

Target Market Clarity (2).png

Target Market Clarity

Don’t know who your target market is at the moment? No problem, we will define your personas and ensure that you are targeting the right people who find your products or services at the right time for the right price.

Understanding your target market is crucial to your business - it’s better to have 100 really engaged followers who will turn into clients than 1000 random followers who don’t believe in what you do.

Profile Set Up.png

Instagram Profile Set Up Or Rebrand

If needed, I will help you set up your new Instagram profile for your business and help you decide what kind of content you will need to create for your feed, ensuring that your profile is on-point and attracting the right people.

If you already have your Instagram profile set up, I will give you critical feedback to ensure that you are heading in the right direction and give you the confidence to continue.

Hashtag research.png

Hashtag Research

I will research 100 hashtags in your niche that you can use for your Instagram posts. Using 30 hashtags per post is important when you have a small following as it gives you another 30 chances to be found by your target audience.

The hashtags I give you will be unique to you and your business; but the list will need to be re-hashed every few months as old hashtags become widely used and new hashtags are created.

Coaching Call.png

Coaching Call

A 1 hour coaching call to help you understand where I am with my business after being with Summit Affiliate for 6 months. I will tell you the dos and don’ts that I have learned along the way and fast-track your business to success. If you have any questions about SA or any of the training, now is the time to ask!

I will also help you discover other members who are at the same level as you so that you can find an accountability partner.

So what’s all that worth?

Target Market Clarity - $197

Instagram Profile Set Up - $299

Hashtag Research - $99

Coaching call - $350

TOTAL: $945

And you're getting it all absolutely FREE after going all in!

Because you're showing me you're committed to investing in your future.

Great, but what’s the catch?.

This coaching programme is going to take a lot of time and effort on my part so I can only work with serious and committed people.

I also want everyone to receive the best quality of training and support so I can only work with a select amount of people at one time.

Therefore I will only be taking a maximum of 10 people each month. If you are serious and committed to making 2019 the best year of your life, this programme is for you!

**Due to the nature of the program this will also only be for FULL paying clients. Payment plans will not be accepted because the plans will not be paid until after the programme is complete.**

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